The most popular all wool dust mop

Big Wooly with Wooden Handle
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| October 31st, 2018
I purchased this dry mop to pick up pet hair. I had read the reviews and thought it would be a good choice. I find it just moves it around and doesn't attract the hair or dust to stick. Disappointed.
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| October 9th, 2015
Was excited to get this after getting new hardwoods and reading all the reviews but I'm very disappointed. Dirt doesn't cling to it. It just pushes it around. Since I wasted money on it I usually use it to push the dirt to one spot and then vacuum it up.If your floor is just small dust it may work but anything bigger it's a joke.
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5 star except for handle socket
| September 4th, 2014
handle is screwed on to the mop head with a plastic thread socket . the mop head comes unscrewed each time the dust its shaken out and thehandle must be screwed in again. the old wool mop had a metelhinge . no problem. Otherwise rating would be 5 stars .
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Mop head didn't wash well
| February 15th, 2014
Perhaps I didn't wash the mophead correctly, although the problems didn't start until I dried it in the drier. It looked like the worst hair day you could imagine--on steroids. It was rendered useless. Any suggestions? Otherwise it performed well, picking up dust and the cat hair that defies even a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps air drying?

Big Wooly with Wooden Handle

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Product Details

Since 1909 the most popular all wool dust mop is still handmade in New England
  • Convenient household-size, old-fashioned multi-colored wool dust mop
  • The fluffy pure wool dust mop head picks-up dust and pet hair like a charm
  • Just shake it out after use and you are good to go again
  • The swivel head provides maneuverability for easy access to hard to reach areas, corners, thight spaces, under furniture
  • The NEW, DURABLE VELCRO┬« backing allows for quick & easy removal of the dust head from its frame
  • Handwash in cold to lukewarm water and air dry 
  • Metal Frame measures 12"
  • Dusting area is 11" x 18"
  • Comes complete with a 48" removable natural lacquered wood handle
  • This is an all naural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment
  • The lanolin in the wool hold on to the dust until you shake it out
  • No expensive disposable pads needed
  • Replacement heads are available (Item# 100RH)  

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