Big Wooly All Wool Dust Mop with Metal Handle
Made in New England for over 110 years!

Big Wooly All Wool Dust Mop with Metal Handle

Code: 100PM


Product Details

  • Old-fashioned, multi-colored house-hold size dust mop made from genuine wool with natural lanolin; handmade in New England since 1909 in a 4th generation family owned business
  • Swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning - reaches under beds and furniture without effort
  • Easily maintained - after use, just shake it out to release dust and dust particles
  • The DURABLE VELCRO backing also allows for quick & easy removal of the wool head to hand wash; then air dry if desired
  • This is an all natural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads
  • The sturdy design make it long-lasting - an environmentally responsible cleaning tool
  • Loved by pet owners - does a great just in picking up pet hair and does not leave any chemical traces
  • 51" metal handle included!