For the bigger jobs around the home

Wooly Mammoth with Telescoping Handle
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Verified Buyer
Perfect mop for my new hardwood floors
Stellcia | March 22nd, 2019
Love, love, love it
Verified Buyer
Great mop
Kindle Customer | March 12th, 2018
I love this mop! I have a round mop that doesn't pick up nearly as much. This mop does a great job of holding on to the dust/dirt & covers a good area. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Definitely a time saver.
Verified Buyer
Ordering a replacement after 10 years of solid use
A. Keller | September 12th, 2017
My sister bought one of these wool dry mops over a decade ago when we installed vinyl flooring in our house. We had (and still have) 2 dogs and 2 cats at the time, one of the dogs being a long haired German Shepard who shedded all....year....long! Oh my, the hair! This dry mop was the only thing that could keep up with all that hair and the dust of SoCalifornia.Care is super easy. Every time I swept, I'd take it outside and beat it against the sidewalk, knocking all the dust out of it. Then I'd turn it over and pull all the pet hair off of the bottom and 'fluff' the fibers a bit. When it got extra nasty looking, I'd toss it in the washer on delicate, no soap, and let it run once (maybe twice if it was extra nasty) to get all the extra hair and dirt out of it. I'd let it air dry a couple days (to make sure was completely dry) and then begin using it again.The company is extra diligent about replying to customers. We had the plastic piece that connects the head to the handle break once, and they were quick to send us a replacement...for FREE! Whenever I had a question about care or the products, the were replied right away and with a great attitude, even when I emailed them with the craziest questions,Unfortunately, 10 years of constant use, pet hair, and dirt became too much for our little dry mop. The velcro finally began to come off the spot where the head attached and the wool fibers were frizzing and just looking nasty. (Think 'curly hair on a super humid day'.) I had no problem with replacing this mop with another Sladust product.Of course, the problem now is...the new one looks so pretty, so new, that I don't want to use it! HA!
Verified Buyer
Great mop worth buying
GKB | August 23rd, 2017
This is the best mop I have ever bought and I have had many. I love it
Verified Buyer
Wool Mop - Wooly Mammoth Dry Mop with... Sladust
Beverly E. | March 22nd, 2017
Works great, love using it. Thank you.

Wooly Mammoth with Telescoping Handle

Code: 200T


Product Details

Ideal for those bigger jobs around the home and office
  • The fluffy head of pure wool picks up dust like a charm. After use just shake it out
  • The swivel head provides maneuverability - it reaches easily into tight corners, under beds and furniture
  • The NEW, DURABLE VELCRO┬« backing allows for quick & easy removal of the dust head from its frame for hand washing; then air dry. 
  • Metal frame size: 17"
  • Dusting area measures 11" x 24"
  • Pet owners love it - no chemical duster sprays need - just the natural lanolin in the wool
  • Comes complete with metal telescoping handle, which extends from 35" to 54"
  • No expensive disposable pads. 
  • The wool head is durable and long lasting
  • Replacement heads are available (Item# 200RH)